Peter Adams, originator of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), has been consulting with individual colleges and state-wide organizations to adapt ALP and other co-requisite models for more than ten years. Now that he has retired from his teaching position, he is devoting full time to this work. From addressing large state-wide summits to working with faculty at individual colleges who will teach these courses, to helping small groups plan for ALP and other co-requisite models, he is available to assist with every step of the process.

In the last decade or so, most of us working in developmental education have come to recognize that the work we have been devoting so much energy to has not produced nearly as much success for our students as we had hoped. As a result of this realization, there has been much pressure to improve our success rates—much of it from outside sources, but much of it also from ourselves. No one is happy when two thirds of our developmental students never pass the credit-level course for which they are being “developed.”

The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), a co-requisite approach developed at the Community College of Baltimore County in 2007 and now adopted by more than 300 schools nationwide, more than doubles the success rate for developmental writers compared to traditional pre-requisite approaches. Many other co-requisite models have been developed in the years since 2007.

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