Audience: Suitable for faculty who will be teaching ALP. Could be all the writing faculty from one or more schools or could be a cohort of faculty from a range of schools, even from across the state, who will later conduct faculty development for other faculty. Works best with fewer than 40 participants.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for faculty to think about and discuss how teaching in an ALP class is different from teaching in more traditional settings.

Content: The presentation usually covers the following:

  • backward design curriculum development
  • active learning in a writing classroom
  • integrating reading with writing
  • thinking skills in the writing classroom
  • addressing non-cognitive issues
  • improving students’ ability to edit their own writing
  • aligning the syllabi for the developmental and the comp classes
  • writing projects
  • grading

Format: Small group discussion. Demonstration. Lots of sample materials distributed.

Time: Minimum of a half day, but two or three days ideally.