Audience: A small group of faculty from a single school who have completed the faculty development sessions and who will be responsible for training other faculty to teach in a co-requisite or ALP context.  Or, where a group of schools in a state or a region are all implementing a co-requisite or ALP model, this session could be for one or two faculty from each school who have already themselves completed the faculty development.  In this session, they will think about and exchange ideas about how to conduct faculty development back on their individual campuses.

Purpose: To develop a cadre of faculty who can continue to provide faculty development as the program is scaled up.

Content: After a review of the topics we cover in the faculty development sessions, these sessions are devoted to a discussion of how to various models of faculty development.   Participants will receive electronic copies of handouts and PowerPoints, which they can adapt for sessions they will conduct.

Format: Small group discussion.

Time: One day is plenty; two would be luxurious and would all participants time to develop their own materials.